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Message started by swathy on May 10th, 2009, 8:09pm

Title: Powermaster, T-Tops, Wheel Mouldings...
Post by swathy on May 10th, 2009, 8:09pm


Miscellaneous Parts for Buick Regal T-Type and Grand National cars

1.  WORKING PULL – 1984-1985 - EGR Control Valve 25519958 with Wastegate / Boost Solenoid 1997157 ? - $125 OBO (will ship)

2.  NEW Crank Crankshaft Sensor - 25525667 for Hot Air cars - $100 OBO (will ship)

3.  NEW Vacuum Tank for all 1984-UP G-Body Cars - 10018660 $15 OBO (will ship)

4.  NEW 3 - Interior Trim Retainer - 20540336 - $2 (will ship)

5.  NEW 8.5” Differential Cover Gasket – 26016662 - $10 OBO (will ship)

6.  NEW Gasket, Turbo to Bell Housing for 1986-1987 Turbo Cars – 25516408 - $8 OBO (will ship)

7.  NEW Gasket, Turbocharger Oil Drain – 1256780 - $5 (will ship)

8.  USED Alternator & A/C Bracket for ’84-’85 LM9 motor – 25516691 - $25 OBO (local pickup only)

9.  NEW Black RR Wheel Moulding – 20498649 - $100 OBO (local pickup only) (When I bought this through my buddy back in the early 1990s he told me it was the last one in GM inventory.)

10.  2 USED and hollow Catalytic Converters for ’84-’85 Cars - $50 each OBO (local pickup only)

11.  1 Passenger Side Cars & Concepts T-Top comes with Driver’s side Top without glass $150 OBO (local pickup only)

12.  WORKING PULL Powermaster – with switch, without ball - $250 OBO (local pickup only)

A word about these parts:

     Just completed a move and discovered these last remaining parts from my racing days in the bowels of my garage!  All of the NEW parts would have been purchased by the mid 1990s and have since sat in boxes.  The WORKING PULL parts came off my car after it was recovered stolen and parted out in the late 1990s.  Those parts too have been in boxes since that time.

Buyer pays S&H and payment accepted through Paypal.  Cash is King for local pickup!


Boynton Beach, Florida

Title: Re: Powermaster, T-Tops, Wheel Mouldings...
Post by hotrodpaully on Mar 30th, 2010, 12:35am

are u really trying to sell hollow converters ???? dont u know that it illegal to have hollow converters let alone sell them .
also who would buy them when u could just put straight pipe in or hollow your own out ????? your best bet is to take them to scrap yard

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