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Message started by MC-87-SS on Nov 8th, 2011, 7:49pm

Title: Jeep Steering Shaft Upgrade
Post by MC-87-SS on Nov 8th, 2011, 7:49pm

I have a few Jeep Steering Shafts for sale. $60 each Shipped USPS (lower 48 states).
These are compressed, cleaned, painted, greased and ready to install.
These shafts make a great upgrade over the old rag joint setup.
Tightens up the steering and gives more clearance along with a cleaner look.I spend a lot of time getting them prepped and make sure the finished product is as good as they can be. The ones i sell are separated, cleaned, sanded and painted along with little extras like spreading them so they slide right on, cleaning the bolt threads, greasing them, etc....

When you get one from me it is 100% ready to install.


Send me a PM if your interested in one.

Video of the installation of these shafts.
This in not my video but its well done.

There seems to be some conflicting opinions on whether the "d" shaped part of the column needs to be notched or not.
Here is what I discovered about the upper "D" shaped section.

The upper "D" shaft on our cars have a "Top" & "Bottom". These have 2 flats on the sides but the rounded sides are different also. The "Top" is rounded but the "Bottom" has a flat spot for the bolt.


I originally thought the shafts did not require a notch if you align the bolt with the flat spot on the top section. However after a few tests I realized a notch is required. The notch is also a good idea to prevent the coupling from sliding down off the shaft. If you notch the flat side, a smaller grove is required.


Hopefully this clears up the mystery and helps with the install.

Here are some testimonials:

Hey Ken, got the shaft yesterday. Packing was great and the assembly was all clean and painted black. So pretty!!! I hate to put it on the car now. I think i'll let it hang in the shed and accumulate some funk before i install it. Thank the the opportunity brutha!!

Ken, Thanks again setting me up with the Jeep Steering Shaft. I hadnt any luck finding one in the Bay Area (Calif). Im sure the shaft allowed me to beat my buddy(73 Corvette) at our Autocross events. Terry

Got mine within a couple of days. Cleaned and painted, and it was excellently packed. Can't wait to put it on.

Title: Re: Jeep Steering Shaft Upgrade
Post by yow ueos on Jan 18th, 2014, 10:38pm

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Title: Re: Jeep Steering Shaft Upgrade
Post by poochie73 on Mar 15th, 2016, 7:11pm

Hello my name is Mario I have 88 Monte Carlo Ls and I want to upgrade the steering shaft also I would also like to upgrade the steering lines do you have any recommendations

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