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Message started by Paul Daily on Aug 24th, 2013, 11:30am

Title: Beware of The World of Motorworks company
Post by Paul Daily on Aug 24th, 2013, 11:30am

I purchased two items from this company at the same time on one order. I received one item a week later. After two weeks still have not received the second item. Called the company and sent an e-mail to Paul Castle and he said : The chromer had it on back order I have it ordered!!
Five days later Paul said Hi I have a brand new rod out at the chromer getting chromed. Thanks.
Two days later Paul said I can get a answer on Monday from chromer!
Two days later Paul said My manufacturer was going to drop ship but he was out of stock! So we use the same chrome guy and was waiting to have more chromed sorry for the delay!!
I called Paul and told him to cancel the order and credit my account for the one item.
Three WEEKS later Paul said I will get you a credit!!
NEVER received the credit. Called and e-mailed Paul numerous times but no response. Called my credit card company and they temporarily credited my account. My credit card company Chase called the company ( Paul ) and he said they shipped the item to me which is obviously a lie. They will not give a tracking number so there is no evidence to prove they shipped it or not. So Chase charged my account again for the item. Beware of this company they sound very nice on the phone and in e-mails but they will lie to you and then steal your money. I have the e-mails to prove it. As you can see on the this BBB web site the same company World of Motorworks changes their address, e-mail and phone number every time they get a negative complaint.  >:(

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