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May 31st, 2016, 3:27am
How Sportsmanship Relates to Life

As players in organized sports, respect is an integral part of any game,  states Sean Dailey, Fort Decatur Recreation Center supervisor. Players must respect game officials, coaches, teammates and members of the opposing team to be successful. Players must even have a strong respect for the game itself by learning the rules and abiding by them. This respect learned through sportsmanship easily transcends the sports arena and applies readily to life with respect for others, for laws and even for the self by making positive decisions about conduct and actions.

Sportsmanship teaches players how to win and lose graciously, according to Hall of Fame baseball star Cal Ripken Jr.  As the object of the game involves winning, it understandable for a winning team to become jubilant and excited with victory. However, the triumphant team should remember that winning isn the only objective, with enjoying the process and learning new skills also being key aspects. A certain amount of humility is also important, because a winning team could also make mistakes that might cost a victory. Conversely, losing also requires sportsmanship skills to keep the loss in perspective. With a loss, players should analyze mistakes, focus on positives and congratulate the winner. When applying these principles to  other areas of life, lessons include doing your best, maintaining composure, feeling pride in efforts and acting respectfully whether you win or lose.
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