Featured G-body 
 Jon Cornette's 1987 Buick Turbo T

Jon's car has:
  • 205 cam
  • power pullies
  • Cold air intake with K&N
  • Street 93 Chip
  • 3" downpipe with ATR Pitbull exhaust
  • larger injectors
  • Shift kit and Stall
  • Adjustable racing shocks
  • 3.42 open rear end
  • He got the car last December by trading his 1979 Pontiac Trans Am for it with the Buick's previous owner. (Good trade, Jon!) He's always liked Grand Nationals and Turbo Regals because of their mystery. To quote Jon, "Hardly anyone knows about them until they get beat by one. First question I always get is, 'That thing got a 400 or a 455?'  I'm like nope, V6."

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